Update 7/17: Real Life can get in the way

Hey everyone, I am so sorry for the lack of writings. I have been so busy trying to get many things including a surgery done, and I have a new job (I get to work with my mother how fun!) and have o deal with other things that are less pleasant. Yes, surgery is more pleasant than an occurance in my life right now I wish to be gone.

However, starting tomorrow or tonight I am going to try to update once a day no matter how busy or tired. So I warn you some of my writings might be unfinished works but if I push myself to write once a day I feel I will break the wall that has come before me. I want to improve my writing so I am going to have to learn how to balance real life and my writing. I fear when school and the surgery comes I might be writing less but I will update as much as possible. So you might get a bunch of written work in an hour and none the next day.

I once again apologize for the lack of writing but I am thankful to those who support this blog. Thank you!

~Mulled Chai