Update 7/17: Real Life can get in the way

Hey everyone, I am so sorry for the lack of writings. I have been so busy trying to get many things including a surgery done, and I have a new job (I get to work with my mother how fun!) and have o deal with other things that are less pleasant. Yes, surgery is more pleasant than an occurance in my life right now I wish to be gone.

However, starting tomorrow or tonight I am going to try to update once a day no matter how busy or tired. So I warn you some of my writings might be unfinished works but if I push myself to write once a day I feel I will break the wall that has come before me. I want to improve my writing so I am going to have to learn how to balance real life and my writing. I fear when school and the surgery comes I might be writing less but I will update as much as possible. So you might get a bunch of written work in an hour and none the next day.

I once again apologize for the lack of writing but I am thankful to those who support this blog. Thank you!

~Mulled Chai


The moon

In the light of the moon the stars dance
A revelry that hides amongst black sky
While shining their own distant light.

No peace has the moon found
While hidden by a black veil
And turning itself toward the earth.

With the cold rays of its light
The moon shows no warmth like
How the sun shines its brightest.

But the moon, so ethereal shined
Proudly in its own light without
Burning those who gaze upon it.

Summer Rain

Summer rains fall upon the world like a warm embrace
Showering everything in sight with it’s crystal drops
While splashing into the ground and giving life
To the nature that blooms best with a warm rain.

Gazing through the window at the summer rain
Listening to the fall of the drops onto the earth
Causing a warm sensation knowing that there
Might be a rainbow after the storm disappears.

There is delight in the feeling of a rainy day
Whether it’s the forced calmness of being still
Or the fact that one can enjoy a cup of tea
Or reading a book all the while window-watching.

Without Muse

Where is the passion for words
Creating a descriptive world
That brightened even the darkest

Where the hours were long
With imagination flying by
Inside the mind with many

Still, the words are hard
To have appear whenever
I have an idea or some story
In mind.

So where do I go when I
No longer have I the muse
But I will try anyway to
Spark life.

Simple Dreams

Simple dreams converge
Colliding into a colossal swarm
Of desires, hopes, despair.

Waking only to find they’re gone
While everyone else slumbers
Into their eventual wake.

But cherish the dreams
That come through the night
Haunting you with their treasure.

By providing you a simple dream
Your wish may or may not come
Depending on your persistence.

Greetings and Welcome to Mulled Chai

Finding yourself isn’t easy and no matter the age it seems like one discovers more and more about them. The same goes for writing. My writing has changed ever since I’ve been writing and that was very young when I wrote about dragons and unicorns. Now, I have expanded my writing into different forms, some needs more practice than others.

This is indeed a personal blog full of my writing but I welcome criticism (if done tastefully, trolls will be ignored or reported) and feedback of my work and if you desire the same please let me know. I read outside of my own work for ideas. Usually I go back to what I was inspired by like W.B. Yeats, John Donne, Thomas Love Peacock, Oscar Wilde and Dylan Thomas.

So you’ll probably find a little bit everything here including just my thoughts over things I find interesting or something fo the sort. Everyone’s welcome to comment here. Please be respectful to each other though, we all have different ways to write, expressions and ideals.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this blog and the different poetry, prose and ideasthat comes from it.

Thank you for your interest and I hope you return!
~Mulled Chai